MSHEU students visited the club of applicants with disabilities “I want to work”

On January 24, students and graduates of MSHEU together with the head of the Career Center “Growth” Olga Ivanovna Paramonova visited the club of applicants with disabilities “I want to work”. The job fair was held at the employment center “My job”.

The event was attended by the largest Russian brands, educational institutions, shopping centers, individual entrepreneurs. Students were offered the opportunity to choose an actual career direction and communicate with an employer’s representative.

Individual resume preparation, professional testing, vacancies from the database of the employment center “My Job” – these are only a small part of what was presented on the career platform. A pleasant bonus was the meeting of our students and graduates of 2022 with graduates of 2021, employees of the TSN “My job”.

“I am proud of my university. MSHEU is developing and pulling students along with it. Now the university has a career Center “Growth”. I applied for a job, and the next day we, a group of students with HIA, went to the “labor ocean”. We spent this morning very productively, I have never been so inspired by the fact that I notice a focus on results and a desire to help students despite difficulties,” said Maria Ageeva, a 4th–year student at MSHEU.