“How many languages do you know – that many times you are a man” (Anton Chekhov)

On May 17, 2019, the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​celebrated its 25th anniversary in the assembly hall of the Moscow State University of Economics and Humanities. The event was opened with the welcoming speech of the Principal , PhD in Sociology, professor V.D. Bayramov. Then, a presentation on the history of the faculty, its achievements was presented on the big screen, and a video message from its graduates was also heard.

After the introductory part followed by an entertainment program, in which the concert numbers alternated with the awards of the contest winners. The winners were awarded in various nominations: for the best photo and video reportage, for winning the phonetic competition and the Brain Ring game, for the best translation of an artistic, scientific and journalistic text and feature film, for winning the regional geography and professional translation from English language. Each presentation was accompanied by the performance of songs and poems in foreign languages, the dances of the peoples of the world, the playing of miniatures and the demonstration of films.

The evening was held on a positive emotions and ended with words of gratitude to the participants and organizers of the event.