MSHEU students — only in the bullseye!

In the city of Aleksin, Tula region, on the basis of the FSBI “RUTB “Oka”, the Cup of Russia in archery for persons with musculoskeletal system (ODA) was held, which was attended by about 100 athletes from 17 regions of Russia. Ekaterina Kondratieva, a student of the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy of SSEU, became the champion at the summer distance of 50 meters!
“At this period of my life, I am struggling with my fears and complexes, cold throwing weapons help me in this! It’s hard to argue with a man who has a bow and arrow in his hands, and the probability of escaping is approaching zero.
Any sport is a lot of work, and the Olympic sport is a way of life! Go in for sports, fight with your fears and the reward will not take long to wait!”, – Ekaterina shared.
We are proud and congratulate Ekaterina on her well-deserved victory and wish her further success in such a difficult sport!