Students of an inclusive university are no longer afraid of stress

MSHEU students and psychologist of the MSHEU Psychological Support Center Natalia Gazizova took part in a stress session from the heads of the Center for the Study of Social Deviations of Tambov University. The students of MSHEU and MTUCI said that the meeting at the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics was held in “one breath”, and that the goal “Formation of stress tolerance among students” can be considered achieved.

Nikolay Utochkin, Director of the Center for the Study of Social Deviations at Tambov University, introduced young people to such concepts as stress and stress tolerance, the psychology of stress, its types and causes.
It turned out that the term “stress” as a human condition that occurs in response to a variety of extreme effects was introduced by the Canadian pathologist Hans Selye. And to overcome stress, psychological stability is important. This concept includes the ability to manage stressful situations, maintaining calm in difficult extreme situations, a state of inner harmony, a positive perception of oneself, compliance with personal claims and achievements, awareness of the meaning of life and even physical endurance.
The stress session provoked such a warm response that both the organizers and the participants enthusiastically supported Natalia Gazizova’s idea of holding a series of the same events, but already on the basis of MSHEU.